Depression and Treatment Basics

Welcome to Lets fight depression with strong hands and solve all problems created by this horrible disease. But first make sure you fully understand what is depression? And what are most common types of depression.

What is Depression? You should really be thinking about this question because you are aware of it or not but it is going to hurt you with no mercy at all. Only way to deal is to know about your possible enemy as much as you can. By definition

Depression is a mental state characterized by a pessimistic sense of inadequacy and a despondent lack of activity. In simple terms when you feel like there is no hope or good opportunity in any situation then you may be a patient of depression. Or when your activities are slowed down to dangerous level and routing life turn to be a difficult job then you should be really serious about depression issue and without wasting a single second of time you should follow instructions and ways to eliminate it as soon as possible.

Depression has affect on your whole body and it damages it like slow poison. It involves your body, mood and thought. It changes everything in your routine life and you are unable to sleep , eat oreven to think about yourself in normal way. With such a pressure on your body you will feel tired of everything and you can estimate about its impact on your health if it lasts on you for many days.

So whether you are a little or big patient of this whole body illness , the first step you should take after its identification is the ways to overcome it. This website is intended to help people who are victim of this horrible illness and want ways to end it. In this site you will find everything about depression from its identification and symptoms to its treatment. Also if you want to use research chemicals then use this resource as it provides high quality products.

According to one estimation Clinical depression (Major Depressive disorder) affects about 19 million Americans annually. Nearly 50% of all the suicides has the root causes in this depression. About 5%-10% of women and 2%-5% of men will experience at least one major depressive episode during their adult life. Depression affects people of all races, incomes, ages, and ethnic and religious backgrounds, but it is three to five times more common in the elderly than in young people.

However recent reports confirm that young people are also hit by a large number of depression cases. Internet addiction is to blame for this sudden rise. Teenagers end up spending several hours a day on social networking websites, developing depression, social phobia and even abnormal feelings of hostility. To treat and prevent such issues parents should limit the internet use of their children and encourage them to socialize with their friends in the real world and not online.